What customers/restaurant operators say about the Kids Fit Menu

"Childhood obesity is at an all-time high of 33%. We have to turn this thing around. If the community comes together, I believe we can be successful.

My family would pick a Kids Fit restaurant over a restaurant with poor kid's food choices every time."

—Leann Forst, MBA, CHHP
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Groovy Beets Natural Family Health (a Frisco business)

"Offering Kids Fit menus will open your restaurant up to so many more customers.

Including healthy menu options for kids will absolutely bring more customers into the restaurant and will certainly create a huge amount of goodwill that steers people into the doors.

When I find any business that has a genuine interest in doing the right thing – especially for my kids – I tell everyone and make sure I return their overall approach with my patronage."

—David Warhoftig
VP-Business Development & Govt. Affairs

"Frisco Independent School District is committed to igniting change to improve the health of our students.

Having Kids Fit menus in all Frisco restaurants would help support us and it allows our parents and community to have another way to fight childhood obesity and disease."

—Sheila Gardner
Director of Coordinated School Health
Frisco Independent School District

"The Kids Fit menu program was what we have been looking for to offer our Asian Mint Kids. We never wanted to serve the typical kids menu as it does not align with our mission to serve great food. The feedback from kids and moms has been fantastic! They love and praise the menu and we love seeing kids enjoy healthy nutritious meals! The menus are attractive and the process of getting it going was super easy. We highly recommend it to any restaurant that wants to be a part of a great movement towards feeding kids the best way we can!"

—Nikky Phinyawatana
Owner – Asian Mint

"Our partnership with the Kids Fit program has been a win-win’ for our restaurants. Not only did they help us create healthy menu items that taste great and kids enjoy, but we are excited to create an alliance with Medical City Children’s Hospital as our authority on nutritional information."

—Tim Schroder
Director of Operations Services
Firebird Restaurant Group