21-Day Snacking Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 21-Day Snacking Challenge?

The 21-Day Snacking Challenge encourages you to make healthier snack choices for the next 21 days. Every day, prepare and eat a snack that contains a fruit or veggie. Choose a recipe from this book, use our Healthy Snack Finder tool to search our database of over 500 recipes or make your own creation that contains 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable.

We encourage you and your family to participate together and share in the fun!

2. What is kids teaching kids®?

The kids teaching kids® program educates and engages students in better nutrition. Registered Dietitians work with high school culinary students to create a recipe book for elementary school students full of healthy, flavorful snacks featuring fruits and vegetables.

3. How do I register to take the challenge?

Parents may register their child(ren) by visiting the website kids-teaching-kids.com. Click on “Sign-Up”. Choose the box “Sign-Up a Student”. Simply follow the directions to register.

4. Why does a parent/guardian have to sign-up a child?

You must be 18 years or older to fill out the form and leave an email address or phone number. The Kids Teaching Kids program only communicates with adults through the email address/phone you provide. The information you give at registration is only used to communicate to your school that your child has registered and again to compare your child’s responses to the final assessment questions.

5. If the ingredients in the book don’t match up to the ingredients I have in my house, do I have to make a special food purchase?

No. We developed a tool on our website called “Healthy Snack Finder”. You can use the Healthy Snack Finder to search for snacks, from our database of over 500 recipes, that match the ingredients you have on hand in your pantry or refrigerator. You may also create your own healthy snack (see guidelines for a healthy snack, listed below).

6. What if I miss a day in the 21-Day Snacking Challenge?

It is ok to miss a day. Though, during the 21-Day Snacking Challenge we would like for you to think ahead and plan your snack each day, even on weekends. Remember you can make and enjoy your snack anytime of the day.

7. How do I take the final assessment?

Two weeks after the challenge ends, we will send you an email/text with a link to the final assessment. You will receive separate communications for each child that you registered, and you will fill out separate assessments for each child. The final assessment is required for your child to qualify for his/her reward.

8. During the 21-Day Snacking Challenge, do I have to make every snack from the book I have?

No. We understand there may be issues with food allergies, availability of ingredients, etc.

9. What are the guidelines for a 21-Day Snacking Challenge Snack?

Below are the guidelines for your snack. Don’t forget to check your portion size!

  • 200 calories or less
  • 7 g of fat or less
  • 2 g of sat fat or less
  • 2 g of fiber or more!
  • 15 g of sugar or less
  • Must contain a minimum of ½ cup fruit or vegetable per serving

10. Can parents and teachers sign-up to take the challenge too?

No, the 21-Day Snacking Challenge Sign-up and Final Assessment are only for students. We only give awards to elementary students enrolled in public schools. However, we encourage you to participate with your student(s). You may download the recipe book for free and utilize the Healthy Snack Finder as well.

11. What if I have questions about the 21-Day Snacking Challenge?

Contact your PE Teacher.