Kids Teaching Kids
August 10, 2015

Thousands of DFW children are making better meal choices thanks to some very special restaurant menus and the eateries that support healthier children.

Medical City Children’s Hospital is proud to share a major and healthy milestone: more than 100,000 items have been ordered from Kids Fit Menus at participating DFW restaurants.

Kids Fit Menus offer meals that not only fit caloric guidelines, but also have nutritional value. Kids don’t miss out on the fun of dining out, but get all of the benefit of a balanced meal featuring fruits and vegetables.

Menus incorporate recipes created by high school students enrolled in the Texas ProStart culinary program. Medical City Children’s is proud of the impact these students are making in the war on childhood obesity. We are also proud of our partnership with the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association and all of the restaurants that support this important initiative.

More restaurants are welcoming the program every month. Please join us and support Café Brazil, as it launches the Kids Fit Menu at all 11 DFW locations on August 3rd.

To see a list of restaurants participating in the Kids Fit Menu, please go to and click on “Kids Fit Menu.”