Medical City Children’s Hospital’s kids teaching kids® program awards impact homebound students

Dallas, Texas – Medical City Children’s Hospital’s award-winning kids teaching kids® program has distributed $90,000 to North Texas school districts for healthy eating improvements. The financial support is the culmination of the annual 21-Day Challenge held in 17 North Texas schools districts, but has added benefit during COVID-19.

Last fall, more than 42,000 elementary students participating in the 21-Day Challenge were encouraged to make and eat healthy snacks at home for three weeks. Medical City Children’s Hospital’s kids teaching kids registered dietitians guide and teach North Texas culinary students to create fun and healthy snack recipes enjoyed by the students. Each recipe contains 1/2 cup of fruits or vegetables.

An annual event to celebrate the students and reward participation was canceled due to COVID-19. Kids teaching kids corporate supporters including Kroger, Reliant, United Way Dallas, la Madeleine and the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation sponsored the monetary awards, ranging from $500 to $12,000. The funds, which are traditionally earmarked for PE and culinary departments, were also used this year to help support and feed students who might otherwise be food deprived without access to free or reduced-priced lunches on campus.

“We are proud of the efforts students have made to become better educated on food and nutrition,” says Medical City Healthcare Community Director Ryan Eason, who leads the kids teaching kids program, “During this unprecedented time feel an extra sense of appreciation knowing that the funds can make an immediate impact.”

While school is out, families can also use the kids teaching kids Healthy Snack Finder online to search more than 500 kid-friendly recipes featuring fruits and vegetables—or whatever happens to be available at home. Studies show that consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables may be associated with a decreased risk of obesity and obesity-related diseases. Fruits and vegetables are also an abundant source of vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy immune system.

About kids teaching kids®

The kids teaching kids® program offers children and their parents the knowledge and resources to change their eating habits for the better. Medical City Children’s Hospital recognized the need to educate children and their parents about healthy eating habits, beginning with eating more fruits and vegetables at snack time.

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